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Colombia: Man Shot Eight Times In Anti-Government Protests Dies

  • The sign reads,

    The sign reads, "Lucas did not die, he was killed," Cali, Colombia, May 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @9582VFidel

Published 11 May 2021

This yoga teacher is remembered for his dances amid massive mobilizations that were carried out peacefully in Pereira.

Authorities at the San Jorge Hospital confirmed the brain death of Lucas Villa, a citizen who was shot while protesting against Colombia's President Ivan Duque and his tax reform.


Colombia: Duque Keeps Shooting, People Keep Protesting

'Villa did not present any neurological reaction after suspending sedation. The patient has global general ischemia. He is still connected to a respirator and there is nothing to be done," hospital Director Juan Restrepo informed.

According to the medical report, it only remains to wait for the young man's heart to stop beating. Villa's family began to receive psychological support shortly before the news was released.

"Lucas did not die, he was killed by the Uribist dictatorship camouflaged as a genocidal democracy. The corrupt and cowardly government will pay for this crime," Colombian activist Wilson Tovar tweeted.

"They have stolen our hope with violence. Who can be happy amid so much blood? How do you explain to the world that those who should take care of the people are the ones who are killing us! Someone help us," singer-songwriter Ana Lucia added.

The young demonstrator was admitted to the hospital on May 5 after being shot eight times by unknown men. The violent incident occurred during a peaceful demonstration against President Duque in Risaralda Department.

Villa was a youth leader and activist. He was studying Sports Science at the Technological University of Pereira (UTP) and was a yoga teacher. The young man is remembered for his dances in the middle of the mobilizations and for promoting that the national strike was carried out peacefully.

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