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Colombia: Linda Diaz Became the 12th Activist Killed This Year

  • Social activist Linda Diaz, Colombia.

    Social activist Linda Diaz, Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/ @guenmecu

Published 20 January 2021

"This 2021 has begun in a tragic way. We have a daily assassination of leaders or ex-combatants," human rights defender Camilo Gonzalez said.

Colombia's social and political activist Linda Diaz on Tuesday was killed by armed men in the Caceres municipality located in the Antioquia department, thus becoming the 12th social leader murdered this year.


Paramilitaries Kill Two Young Men and One Minor in Colombia

Diaz was a candidate from the Unity Party for Caceres Municipal Council in the 2015 regional elections. She was also a recognized worker in universities.

"This 2021 has begun in a tragic way. We have a daily assassination of leaders or ex-combatants, two massacres per week, which indicates that the violence is still rampant," The Institute for Development and Peace Studies (INDEPAZ) President Camilo Gonzalez said.

"Urgent measures are required in Colombia to address the humanitarian emergency that is occurring for which the country requires a substantive intervention," he added. 

The 5th massacre of this year was confirmed on Monday, after the killing of three young men identified as Jhon Cuello, Duvan Tapias, and a minor in the Taraza municipality.

In 2020, at least three massacres occurred in the municipalities of Caucasia, Taraza, and Caceres, in Antioquia.

"Colombia needs a great union for life so that this year is not a year of violence, but of possibilities, of construction for a path of peace in the post-conflict," Gonzalez stressed.

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