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Colombia: Two Indigenous Leaders Were Killed in Cauca Valley

  • Organizations protest against the assassination of social leaders in Caloto, Cauca Valley, Colombia, January 2020.

    Organizations protest against the assassination of social leaders in Caloto, Cauca Valley, Colombia, January 2020. | Photo: Twitter @MarchaPaCauca

Published 12 January 2020

An unidentified armed group shot at members of the Quintin Lame's Grandchildren Movement in Caloto.

Two members of the Quintin Lame's Grandchildren Movement (NQL), Amparo Guejia and Juan Dicue were killed by an unidentified armed group​​​​​​​ on Friday at La Buitrera village, in the Cauca Valley, Colombia.


Colombia: A Woman Is the First Social Leader Killed This Year

“They were founders of a social organization. We just know that violence had reached their family when a victim's brother suffered an attack in 2007,” the NQL spokesperson Olmes Valencia said.

Besides recalling that President Ivan Duque has not provided answers about the attacks on the Indigenous peoples,” this young leader indicated his concern about the precarious implementation of the peace agreements.

"The government has not had a breakthrough in the peace process. This affects us because many former fighters have returned to arms... The State must sit down and talk so we can live in peace," Valencia said.​​​​​​​

Amparo Guejia, 41, and Juan Dicue, 18, who were members of a landless workers' organization, were at home when they received a phone call, which possibly warned them about what might happen.​​​​​​​

"They got on a motorcycle in the company of 2-year-old child.... the murderers shot them, took the child and left him at a nearby house," indicates a complaint filed by the Southwest Colombia Human Rights Network on Saturday.

While the Army represses politicians and journalists, three social leaders were killed. Amparo Guejia Mestizo and his son Juan Pablo Dicue, members of Quintin Lame's Grandchildren​​​​​​​ Movement in Caloto. In the Duke era, they are victims 265 and 266. So far this year, they are victims 6 and 7.

​​​​​These Colombian activists also urged the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to monitor that the Colombian state acts according to international norms it has committed to respect​​​​​​​.

"We urge organizations to remain vigilant and alert to the critical human rights situation at the Cauca Department.

So far this year, 13 social leaders have been killed according to the Development and Peace Studies Institute (Indepaz), which also criticized the Duque administration for its inefficiency and apathy in the investigation of cases of violence against unarmed people.

Among the social leaders killed​​​​​​​ are Carlos Cardona (Jan. 2), Cristian Caicedo (Jan. 3), Gloria Ocampo and Virginia Silva Paez (Jan. 7), Carlos Quintero, Mireya Hernandez, Oscar Quintero and Emilio Campaña (Jan. 8), and Anuar Rojas and Gentil Hernandez (Jan. 9).

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