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Corrupt Elites Seek to Halt Colombian Elections, Petro Warns

  • Gustavo Petro (R) and Francia Marquez (L), Cali, Colombia, May 19, 2022.

    Gustavo Petro (R) and Francia Marquez (L), Cali, Colombia, May 19, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @FranciaMarquezM

Published 20 May 2022

An Ivamer survey shows that Gustavo Petro continues to be the favorite to win the presidential election since he has 40.6 percent of the voting intention.

On Thursday, the Historical Pact presidential candidate Gustavo Petro denounced that right-wing elites seek to sabotage the May 29 elections to suspend the Colombian democratic process.


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"They are already conspiring in secret meetings to see how the elections are suspended... so that freedom day does not take place... They already feel defeated," he told thousands of citizens who went to the Cali's Government Square.

"Those addicted to power and death want to perpetuate themselves in power. They can’t bear to lose the elections, they can’t stand a popular victory".

"The most delusional corrupt ruling elites seek to unleash a violent social explosion to get the excuse to definitively suspend the elections... They know they are a minority," Petro stressed.

The tweet reads, "On the Riosucio Bajira highway, paramilitaries savagely torture a defenseless citizen who dared to go out. Where is Zapateiro? Where is Molano? Where is Duque and his peace with legality? Who protects the Indigenous people?"

Petro and vice-presidential candidate Francia Marquez will close their political campaign in Medellin on Friday. The next day, he will travel to Barranquilla and then the leftist leader will meet with his supporters in Bogota on Sunday.

A survey prepared by Invamer for outlets BLU Radio, Noticias Caracol, and El Espectador, shows that Petro continues to be the favorite to win the first round that will take place on May 29. While the Historical Pact candidate manages to obtain 40.6 percent of the voting intention, the right-wing candidate Federico Gutierrez obtains 27.1 percent.

In the event of a second electoral round, Gustavo Petro would obtain 52.7 percent of the votes and Gutierrez 44.2 percent, as reported by Blu Radio.


Gustavo Petro
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