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Colombia: Petro Accredited as New President

  • Colombian New-elected President receives accreditation. Jun. 23, 2022.

    Colombian New-elected President receives accreditation. Jun. 23, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@1anoticiass

Published 23 June 2022

The first meeting between the outgoing and elected presidents ocurred as part of the transition.

The winning candidate of the presidential elections in Colombia, Gustavo Petro,  received this Thursday the credential as president of Colombia. This day also marked his first meeting with the outgoing president, Iván Duque, to establish the mechanisms of the transition to the new government, which will be installed next August.

Colombia: Petro and Duque To Meet on June 23rd

The National Registrar, Alexander Vega, and the National Electoral Council gave Gustavo Petro the credential that accredited him as the presidential election winner, accompanied by Francia Márquez, who will occupy the vice presidency of the South American nation.

The ceremony took place after Vega delivered on Tuesday the balance of the electoral process that took place last Sunday, which left as a winner the now president-elect, Gustavo Petro, and indicated that the difference between the pre-count and the scrutiny was very little, which ratifies the results of the elections in the second-round.

He confirmed that Petro got 11 291 986 votes, against the 10 604 337 of his contender, Rodolfo Hernandez.

The elected president, Gustavo Petro, speaks on CNE_COLOMBIA after receiving his accreditation as the new president of the Republic elected by Colombians.

President Iván Duque has already lashed out at Petro and the announcements of his first requests and possible measures after his installation as president: the demand for freedom for the young prisoners of the social outbreak of 2021 and the agreement to reopen the common border with Venezuela.

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