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Colombia: Labor Unions Call For Strike Against Tax Reform

  • Citizens protesting in Bogota, Colombia.

    Citizens protesting in Bogota, Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/ @Bryan_Kmpo

Published 27 April 2021

The social anger was unleashed after the government proposed to increase the price of basic food products to raise tax revenues.

Colombia's National Strike Committee (CNP) and the Unitary Workers' Central (CUT) called for a national strike on April 28 against the tax reform promoted by President Ivan Duque.


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The tax bill presented to Congress by Treasury Minister Alberto Carrasquilla aims to increase prices of basic food products to increase tax revenues.

"The reform will affect the most vulnerable people: the working class. It is time to stop for life, peace, democracy, and against Duque's abusive reforms," the organizations stated.

Unions are calling on people to support the strike from their homes by putting up posters against the tax reform or red rags, which is a traditional symbol of protest in Colombia.

The unions' leaders did not rule out that there will be street demonstrations, despite the restrictions on mobility imposed to halt COVID-19 contagions.

"The tax reform is the climax of the differences the Government has had with the working class. Tensions have flared up following the COVID-19 outbreak," CUT President Wilson Ferrer said.

In mid-2020, workers demanded a group of reforms, such as the creation of a basic income so that vulnerable families would have guaranteed food.

"Duque did not listen to any of our demands and implemented measures to further aggravate the country's economic situation," Ferrer commented.

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