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Colombia: Govt Creates High Level Instance for Total Peace

  • The High Level Instance seeks approaches and conversations with

    The High Level Instance seeks approaches and conversations with "high impact criminal organizations" to bring them to justice and dismantle them. Jan. 4, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@VICTORINO5050

Published 4 January 2023

The action, aimed at "high impact criminal organizations," seeks to achieve "rapprochement and conversations with the purpose of bringing them to justice and dismantling them."

The High-Level Instance formed by the National Government has been created to characterize and classify high-impact organized armed groups that express their willingness to accept Total Peace in Colombia.

Colombian Government Suspends Ceasefire With ELN

By Decree 2655, issued on December 31, 2022, the following were appointed members: Minister of Defense Iván Velásquez; High Commissioner for Peace Danilo Rueda; and National Director of Intelligence Manuel Alberto Casanova Guzmán.
According to the decree, the High-Level Instance will analyze the actions of the "organized armed structures of high impact crime" operating in the country, seeking "rapprochements and conversations, to achieve their submission to justice and dismantling."

The regulation adds that the action is aimed at armed organizations that exercise "the violent subjugation of the civilian population of the rural and urban territories in which they operate, and fulfill functions in one or several illicit economies."

DECREE 2655/2022 Whereby the High-Level Instance is created for the study, characterization and qualification of organized armed structures of high-impact crime, ordered by Law No. 2272 of 2022.

The Government's dialogue with the organizations that have already committed to a bilateral ceasefire expressing their willingness to embrace Total Peace will await the determinations of the Instance, said the National Government Spokesman and Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada. 

It will be decided "if the political status is recognized or if we remain at the level of conversation with a view to the subjugation and dismantling of high-impact criminal organizations, as defined by law," said the Minister. 


Alfonso Prada
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