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China: Wuhan City to Lift Covid-19 Quarantine on April 8

  • Workers work at the construction site of the Jianghan Bridge in Wuhan, China, March 24, 2020.

    Workers work at the construction site of the Jianghan Bridge in Wuhan, China, March 24, 2020. | Photo: Xinhua

Published 24 March 2020

China's new priority is protecting its inhabitants from Covid-19 cases imported from abroad.

Wuhan municipal authorities announced the quarantine imposed on January 23 will be lifted on April 8. In other Hubei province's cities, travel restrictions will be lifted from Wednesday.


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Meanwhile, Wuhan's inhabitants will be able to leave their city if they obtain a green health QR code, which is given to people who have not had contact with anyone infected or who are not suspected of having the disease.

On January 23, the Wuhan government forced 11 million residents to remain in their homes when it suspended public transport and all outbound flights and trains. Until then, the coronavirus had caused 17 deaths and affected 444 people in that city.

According to the latest official count, Wuhan registered 2,524 people dead and 50,006 cases. There were no new confirmed cases of Covid-19 for five consecutive days until March 22.

China's National Health Commission Tuesday reported that 81,171 people have been infected with Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic.

Of those, 73,159 people were discharged and 3,277 people died. Currently, there are 4,735 "active" infected, 1,573 of whom are seriously ill patients (1,527 of them are in Wuhan).

So far, epidemiological teams have monitored 691,185 "close contacts" with Covid-19 positives. Of those, 12,077 are under observation and 132 are suspected cases.

The Chinese government has established a new priority: protecting its inhabitants from the import of Covid-19, a task which has involved detecting 427 imported cases from abroad.

Since March 12, when the national outbreak's peak came to an end, Chinese statistics mainly reflect imported cases.

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