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Chile's President Backs Carabineros Amid a Rise in Police Abuse

  • A woman holds a sign that reads,

    A woman holds a sign that reads, "Murderers," during a protest, Santiago, Chile, Oct. 5, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 7 October 2020

"I deeply support Chile's Carabineros for protecting public order and citizen security," Sebastian Piñera said.

Chile's President Sebastian Piñera Tuesday reaffirmed his support for the Military Police (Carabineros) despite the people's growing complaints against police brutality.


Chilean Policeman Arrested for Throwing a Young Man From a Bridge

"I deeply support Chile's Carabineros for protecting public order and citizen security," Piñera said after lamenting the violent incident in which a policeman pushed a teenager from a 7-meter-height bridge into the Mapocho River on October 2.

"Carabineros must use all the instruments that the law grants them, such as the use of legitimate and proportional force, to guarantee peace and security," the president recognized.

Piñera made these statements less than twenty days before the plebiscite, which will allow Chileans to decide whether to write a new Constitution or maintain the one created in 1980 by Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship.

The far-right president urged the Carabineros and the government not to allow human rights violations to go unpunished, and to sanction the perpetrators before the courts.

The Senate stated that it is essential to create a reform for the Carabineros police, which is an institution that has not been uprooted from its violent and repressive past.

"The State's three powers must establish and demand the total respect for Chileans' human rights and liberties," Senate President Adriana Muñoz assured.

Meanwhile, Chile's Human Rights Commission (CCHDH) filed a complaint about the attempted murder of the minor who was pushed from the Pio Nono Bridge.

The legal action, which was declared admissible, is against President Sebastian Piñera, Interior Minister Victor Perez, Carabineros' director Mario Rozas, and all those who are the authors, accomplices, or cover-ups of this violent incident.

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