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Chile: Website Behind Nude Photos Of Women, Minors Sued

  • Image of the website logo of nido.org, an illicit website that has since been shut down.

    Image of the website logo of nido.org, an illicit website that has since been shut down. | Photo: Twitter @Alteraemergencia

Published 27 February 2019

A Chilean law firm filed a case against nido.org alleging it was circulating pics of nude females, some minors, without their consent. A site administrator committed suicide Tuesday.

The Chilean Association of Feminist Lawyers (Abofem) filed a complaint Wednesday against a website that was posting personal pictures of naked females, including minors, without their consent.

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Abofem lawyer Barbara Sepulveda denounced the website Nido.org, taken down earlier this month, saying this was “clearly an illicit ring” of people who wanted to insult and intimidate women.

The now defunct website had as many as 10,000 subscribers when it was taken down. It was dedicated to showing intimate photos of nude women, even minors, without their consent. Posts on the site also indicated conversations about plans to intimidate and harass the female victims.

On Tuesday afternoon, the head of Chile’s federal cybercrime unit Rodrigo Figueroa, said his department had "received complaints (from women) of photographs being published of them on nido.org. The victims range in age between 13 and 26 years and are from several regions of the country."

Figueroa disclosed that the site had been a "closed group whose users operate under anonymity" and share images of nude or barely dressed females without their consent or knowledge.

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The cybercrime unit of Chile’s Police Investigations (PDI) began its investigation of nigo.org back in January when they received a handful of complaints by women. They later seized computers from alleged nido.org administrators and confirming the information made the case public. In total, investigators have received reports from 66 women who say they have been targeted by the illicit site.

Abofem lawyers say they have gotten more than 230 anonymous complaints from victims.

On Tuesday night, the PDI was called to investigate the suicide of a 31 year old male in Santiago’s subway station. According to local media the victim was nido.org administrator, Lamuel Donoso.

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