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Chile Senators Call Piñera's Trip to Colombia for Venezuela Aid 'Foolish'

  • Sebastian Pinera during his presidential campaign in Santiago, Chile Mar. 21, 2017

    Sebastian Pinera during his presidential campaign in Santiago, Chile Mar. 21, 2017 | Photo: Reuters

Published 25 February 2019

Chilean opposition senators call Piñera trip to the Venezuela-Colombia border Feb. 23 a 'foolish' move, and compared his nationalism with Pinochet's.

Opposition party legislators in Chile are calling President Sebastian Piñera ‘foolish’ for going to Colombia to support the entry of U.S. “humanitarian aid” that didn’t make it into Venezuela last Saturday.  

 People Around the World Reject US Intervention in Venezuela

Chilean Senator Alejandro Navarro said that only when the CIA declassifies information around the failed coup in Venezuela over the weekend will the public will know that Trump convinced Piñera to “make a fool of himself.”

"In 20 years, when the CIA declassifies this coup operation (in Venezuela) will we know what Trump offered Piñera to make a fool of himself for this trip, leaving Chile and the southern forest fires abandoned," said Navarro Monday during an interview.

Over 53,000 hectares of forest and grassland have burned across Chile’s central and southern region since the flames began last month. Three people have died so far and several municipalities remain under state-declared yellow and red alerts.

Feb. 23 was the deadline that self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela Juan Guido gave to let in four trucks with alleged "humanitarian aid" from USAID that illegally attempted to enter Venezuela. At least two of the trucks were burned by opposition members on the Colombian side of the border near Cucuta where President Sebastian Piñera met with Colombian President Ivan Duque and Guaido last Saturday, according to Chilean media. 

Chilean Socialist Party senator and former secretary general to the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza labeled Piñera’s trip a failure since it did not fulfill any of the objectives the president used to justified it.

I'm sharing this declaration about Venezuela and the foreign policies of our country.

Insulza said in a Monday morning interview that Piñera’s “being a part of an invasion and external military intervention does not serve any democracy" and went on to compare Piñera’s nationalist tendencies to the country’s former dictator, Augusto Pinochet.

Under Piñera "we’re witnessing policies that appear a bit like the Pinochet government in the sense that 'the world is against us,' " Insulza said on Chile’s Radio Duna. He said he “wished the president had never gone” to Colombia.

In a seven-point ‘public declaration’ the senator along with several other opposition lawmakers saidthe event “did not advance democracy in Venezuela. Juan Guaido’s convocation was only heard and promoted by the presidents of Colombia and Chile.”

The statement went on: “We hope that President Sebastian Piñera recognizes that this trip accomplished none of its objectives that he justified the trip with. The only reality that we can confirm is that the Venezuelan people want peace. … This was a media 'show.'”

Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero responded by saying that, "Chile supports a political and peaceful solution."

Juan Guaido will meet with Lima Group members Monday.

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