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Chile: Poll Shows Daniel Jadue Would Win Presidency in Runoff

  • Daniel Jadue is the Palestinian candidate for Chile’s presidency.

    Daniel Jadue is the Palestinian candidate for Chile’s presidency. | Photo: Twitter/@Mondoweiss

Published 10 June 2021

The poll also reflects the resounding fall of Pamela Jiles, who would lose against Provoste, Lavín and even Sebastián Sichel.

The results of the Panel Ciudadano survey, carried out by the Universidad del Desarrollo, anticipated some possible scenarios for an eventual presidential runoff in Chile.

The poll published by El Mercurio reveals that the presidential candidate of the Communist Party (PC), Daniel Jadue, would prevail in all scenarios, and that his most competitive rivals in a runoff would be Joaquín Lavín (UDI) and Yasna Provoste (DC).


Recoleta, Chile: Daniel Jadue Sweeps the Municipal Election

Against the former mayor of Las Condes, Jadue would be more than five points ahead. 32.9% would vote for Lavín and 38% for the current mayor of Recoleta. Among those consulted, 29.1% said they would not vote for either.

Jadue also leads the current president of the Senate by almost 15 points. The current legislator, who has not yet defined if she will be the DC presidential option, would obtain 21.1% against 35.7% for the communist candidate. In this case, those who would not vote for any of them reached 43.2%.

The poll also included Sebastián Sichel, who would also be defeated by Jadue by more than 10 points. The former minister had 27.3% of the preferences, against 37.7% for the mayor of Recoleta. The percentage of those who would not vote for any of them amounts to 35%.

The poll also included a scenario where Pamela Jiles, and not Daniel Jadue, would be the opposition candidate. However, the Humanist Party candidate would be defeated by Provoste, Lavín and even Sichel. The three of them would be more than 10 points ahead of her.

The poll was conducted between Thursday, May 20 and Friday, May 21, in the week following the elections of constituents, governors, mayors and councilmen, which took place on May 15 and 16.

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