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Chile: Lower House to Vote on Impeaching President Piñera

  • President of Chile Sebastian Piñera, 2021

    President of Chile Sebastian Piñera, 2021 | Photo: Twitter/ @mariseka

Published 8 November 2021

Although some opposition lawmakers may be absent from today's session, there is a strong possibility that the impeachment motion will be passed and sent to the Senate for its consideration.

On Monday, the Chilean Lower House will vote to move forward with the impeachment process against President Sebastian Piñera for his involvement in the Pandora Papers scandal. If its motion passes, it will be up to the Senate to decide whether to unseat the right-wing politician or not.


Almost 3 Out Of 4 Chileans Support The Dismissal Of Piñera

The Lower House investigation accuses Piñera of infringing ethical principles and forsaking the nation's interest in favor of his own. Piñera could become the first sitting President in over 60 years to be indicted by Congress. 

Previously, in the parliamentary commission in charge of the investigation, two votes in favor of the proceeding, two votes against it, and one abstention were registered. For Piñera to be politically prosecuted, the progressive forces need 78 out of 155 votes to send the motion to the Senate.

On Monday, however, the opposition could be weakened as Leftist presidential candidate Gabriel Boric and other lawmakers will not be able to vote today because they tested positive for COVID-19.

Most probably, the opposition's main speaker will try to extend his remarks until midnight so that some isolated lawmakers can enter the session and vote.

Previously, progressive legislators also tried to prosecute Piñeira for his responsibility in the violation of human rights during the social uprising that began in October 2019. On that occasion, the Chilean president avoided impeachment thanks to the votes of some center-right legislators. .

In addition to the impeachment trial, the Anti-Corruption Unit of the Prosecutor's Office is also investigating Piñera for crimes related to bribery and tax fraud.

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