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Chile: Presidential Candidates Halt Campaigns Over COVID Scare

  • Candidate Gabriel Boric

    Candidate Gabriel Boric

Published 3 November 2021

It happened after the symptoms compatible with Covid-19 of the leftist candidate, Gabriel Boric, who is waiting for the result of a PCR test.

Five of the seven candidates for the presidential elections of next November 21 in Chile announced Wednesday the suspension of their campaign events after the leftist Gabriel Boric announced that he is awaiting the result of a PCR test after presenting fever and cough on Tuesday afternoon.

The ruling candidate Sebastián Sichel, the Christian Democrat and representative of the center-left Yasna Provoste, the far-right José Antonio Kast and the progressive Marco Henríquez Ominami canceled their agendas until Boric's alleged contagion is confirmed or not.


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Boric suspended his appearance on a TVN television program on Tuesday after presenting a fever that has led him to isolate himself and undergo a PCR test.

In a statement to the media, he said that he did so "following health recommendations" and "it is important to take the pandemic seriously and take care of oneself".

Meanwhile, the candidate of the Apruebo Dignidad bloc, integrated by Frente Amplio and the Communist Party, underwent a PCR test on Wednesday, whose result will be available throughout the day, informed his campaign team.

On Monday and Tuesday, before participating in two debates with the other candidates, she underwent antigen tests which were negative, she added.

"I have been feverish since the afternoon. Following the health recommendations, I started isolation while waiting for the PCR test. We communicated with @TVN to inform of non-attendance to the program. It is important to take the pandemic seriously and take care of ourselves. I will keep you updated!"

Provoste, senator and candidate of the center-left Nueva Mayoría bloc, announced on her Twitter account that she had an antigen test this morning and was positive, but that she will remain "in isolation until the result of Boric's PCR is known".

All candidates had participated on Tuesday in a debate on SMEs, in which they did not wear masks throughout their intervention.

Before the contact with Boric, Kast pointed out on Twitter that he is following the medical recommendation in order to maintain a preventive isolation.

In the event that none of the candidates obtains more than half of the votes in the November 21 elections, which is almost taken for granted, a second round will be held on December 19.

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