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Almost 3 Out Of 4 Chileans Support The Dismissal Of Piñera

  • Chile's President Sebastian Piñera

    Chile's President Sebastian Piñera | Photo: Twitter/ @PeruNewsAlerta

Published 18 October 2021

Most of those who want to see him out of office are citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 and people over 51 years of age.

On Sunday, the monthly opinion poll Pulso Ciudadano revealed that 67.6 percent of Chileans agree with the impeachment of President Sebastian Piñera.


Chile: Opposition Files for Impeachment Against Piñera

Around 70 percent of those who want to see him out of office are citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 and people over 51 years of age. On the other hand, only 14.9 percent of those interviewed said they are against his impeachment and 15.5 percent of citizens neither agree nor disagree.

Even among those who have been in favor of the Piñera administration, the possibility of impeachment is widely supported. According to Pulso Ciudadano, 37.7 percent of the right wing supporters said they agree with it.

The support received by the constitutional accusation against Piñera is in line with an increase in the government's disapproval rate. Over the last weeks, 73.8 percent of Chileans rejected his administration and policies. Besides being the highest rejection rate in the last five months, this value is only comparable to the figures recorded amid the municipal elections held in May 2021, when only 12.5 percent of citizens approved of the Piñera administration.

On Oct. 13, opposition lawmakers presented a constitutional accusation against Piñera. After the unsuccessful impeachment request for human rights violations filed in Nov. 2019, he faces a request for impeachment for the second time in his term.

According to the Pandora Papers, the Piñera family was involved in the sale of the Minera Dominga project to businessman Carlos Delano. This operation was carried out in the British Virgin Islands tax haven.

Piñera denied all allegations against him and affirmed that he “had no knowledge” of his companies’ operations. He also claimed that the information revealed by this investigation was already public and judged in 2017.

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