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Chile: Lawyer Meza-Lopehandia Appointed As Boric's Staff Chief

  • Lawyer Matias Meza-Lopehandia, Chile.

    Lawyer Matias Meza-Lopehandia, Chile. | Photo: Twitter/ @ObservatorioC

Published 12 January 2022

He has a master's degree from the London School of Political Science and currently works as a researcher at the Chilean Congress Library.

On Wednesday, Chile’s President-elect Gabriel Boric appointed the human rights and Indigenous movements expert lawyer Matias Meza-Lopehandia as his cabinet chief.


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A left-wing Social Convergence (CS) party militant, Meza-Lopehandia has a master's degree in Human Rights from the London School of Economics and Political Science and currently works as a researcher at the Chilean Congress Library.

He had already advised Boric since the latter was appointed legislator for the Magallanes region in 2014. Besides participating in the design of electoral offers, Meza-Lopehandia was secretary of Boric's political team during the 2021 presidential campaign.

On Wednesday, Boric also confirmed that he will announce the rest of his cabinet members in January’s penultimate week and insisted that his staff team will be gender-balanced and politically inclusive.

"Our team must be diverse so that all social sectors are represented when it comes to promoting transformative policies. It will not be easy to accomplish this task, but we will not surrender," stated the President-elect, who will assume office on March 11.

With over 55,8 percent of the votes, this 35-year-old politician became the youngest and most voted Chilean on Dec. 19, 2021, when he defeated the Republican Party (PR) candidate Jose Kast with an almost 12-point margin.

A staunch critic of the neoliberal model installed during Agusto Pinochet's dictatorship (1973-1990), Boric promises to broaden the State's role in the economy towards a welfare model similar to that of Europe. “We will no longer permit that citizens with lower purchasing power keep paying the price of Chile’s inequality,” he stressed.

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