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Chile Declares ‘Santa Ana’ Forest Fire in Biobío Under Control

  • Chile Declares ‘Santa Ana’ Forest Fire in Biobío Under Control

    | Photo: Twitter/@MatHermanny

Published 27 February 2023

The "Santa Ana" fire started on February 2 and burned an area of 74 101 hectares. 

Chile's National Forestry Corporation (Conaf) declared the forest fire, known as "Santa Ana" which affected several communities in the Biobío Region for 25 days, under control.

 Chile Maintains Forest Fire Emergency

"After overflight of sectors 1 to 6 only hot spots are observed within the burned area," Conaf said through its official Twitter account. The hot spots are far from the perimeter of the fire. 

According to the agency, the "Santa Ana" fire started on February 2 and swept through an area of 74 101 hectares, making it the second-largest fire in the country's history. It left 19 dead in the Biobío region. 

Containment prevented the fire from spreading to San Pedro de la Paz after having crossed the communes of Nacimiento, Santa Juana and Coronel, in Biobío, said Conaf.


The tweet reads, CONAF informs! Santa Ana, Nacimiento, which began on February 2 and which devastated 74,101 hectares, is CONTAINED. After overflight over sectors 1 to 6 only "hot spots" are observed within the burned area.

The fire damaged 75 percent of the Nacimiento area, 70 percent of Santa Juana, more than 11 000 hectares in Coronel and part of Angol in the Araucanía Region.

"There is still activity and there may be reactivations within the perimeter of the fire, but its entire perimeter is controlled by firebreaks and, therefore, it should not go any further," said Biobío presidential delegate Daniela Dresdner.

Biobío, La Araucanía and Ñuble have been the regions most affected by the multiple forest fires registered in the country since the beginning of this month. The fires have left more than 458 000 hectares lost, 25 people dead and 7 588 people affected.

According to the Chief of Defense of Biobío, Rear Admiral Jorge Keitel, there are currently 10 fires in combat in the area, in the Ruta de la Madera. Chile's National Emergency Prevention Service (Senapred), said this Monday there are still 207 active forest fires.

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