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Chile Bids Farewell To Street Artist Killed by Police

  • People gather next to Francisco Martinez's coffin, Santiago, Chile, Feb. 7, 2021.

    People gather next to Francisco Martinez's coffin, Santiago, Chile, Feb. 7, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @PiensaPrensa

Published 7 February 2021

Francisco Martinez, aged 27, was shot to death by a police officer in Panguipulli on Friday.

Francisco Martinez's relatives and friends Sunday held a vigil in the Puente Alto neighborhood located in Chile's capital Santiago. He became the latest victim of police brutality after being shot to death on Friday.


Killing of Street Artist by Chilean Police Unleash Protests

Martinez, aged 27, was murdered in Panguipulli, where residents also bid him farewell on Saturday. His funeral is due to take place on Monday.

A hearse carrying his corpse arrived in Santiago at 06.30 a.m, where neighbors and dozens of people gathered to condemn his assassination. 

Last Friday, a police officer shot and killed Martinez after he refused to undergo an identity check.

The meme reads, "Now in Francisco Martinez's wake. Justice for him and all the fallen. Down with all the repressive laws and the criminalizing agenda of Piñera. Dissolution of Carabineros. Enough"

The event sparked nationwide commotion and protests, which lasted until early this morning and resulted in violent clashes between police and demonstrators. 

Panguipulli's Guarantee Court decided to keep in detention the accused policeman, who will attend a hearing on Monday as part of the current investigations. 

National Institute of Human Rights director Sergio Micco noted that on several occasions, protocols "are inadequately applied" by police officers while regretting statements to justify the action under legitimate self-defense.

The mem reads, "Street artists in Chile bid farewell to Francisco, the juggler murdered in Panguipulli by Police forces."

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