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Chancellor Moncada Condemns US Coercion Against Nicaragua

  • Nicaraguan Foreign Affairs Minister Denis Moncada.

    Nicaraguan Foreign Affairs Minister Denis Moncada. | Photo: Twitter/ @NicaSoberana

Published 26 January 2023

He urged the U.S. to comply with the United Nations Charter, which prohibits state interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

During the 7th Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) on Tuesday, Nicaraguan Foreign Affairs Minister Denis Moncada urged to boost cooperation with his country, which faces U.S. unilateral sanctions.


US Coercion Against Latin America Is Illegal, SSLR Article Says

"Nicaragua condemns the United States' divisive, controlling, abusive, and authoritarian policies, which seek to impose this country’s political interests," Moncada highlighted, arguing that the diplomatic and economic coercive measures that Washington imposes on his country are illegal.

He urged the U.S. government to stop sabotaging President Daniel Ortega's administration, and comply with the United Nations Charter, which prohibits state interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

“The U.S. authorities always maneuver to take advantage of political situations abroad. They may promote dialogue and negotiations, but they will always seek to profit from such positions," Moncada warned. 

The Nicaraguan chancellor also stressed the importance of strengthening regional integration to promote the exchange of positive experiences and practices aimed at counteracting U.S. coercion.

“We need to make Latin America a great homeland, just as Liberator Simon Bolivar dreamed," Moncada stated, calling for boosting unity within diversity through interregional communication.

"As CELAC countries become politically and economically independent, we will promote a new international order that will gradually end the U.S. imperial hegemony," he insisted. 


Denis Moncada
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