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Castillo: COVID Fight Shows Incapacity of International System

  • President Pedro Castillo accompanied by Chancellor Oscar Maúrtua arrive at the headquarters of the UN in New York to participate in the General Debate of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

    President Pedro Castillo accompanied by Chancellor Oscar Maúrtua arrive at the headquarters of the UN in New York to participate in the General Debate of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly. | Photo: Twitter/@presidenciaperu

Published 21 September 2021

"Peru will be an active member in the common task so that countries have access to vaccines and treatments against Covid," said the president.

The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, expressed this Tuesday in the framework of the 76th general assembly of the United Nations (UN), that the international system has failed in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The fight against the pandemic has demonstrated the inability of the international system to cooperate under the principles of efficiency and solidarity; we need agreements to ensure equity in access to vaccines," said the head of state.


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Likewise, the President reiterated that international cooperation remains absent in terms of equitable access to vaccines against the coronavirus, "Peru will be an active and dynamic member in the common task so that all countries have inclusive access to all diagnostics, medicines and vaccines, as well as technology and health products required in the response to COVID-19," he said.

"We support the Secretary General's initiative to build a common agenda that in the post-pandemic world establishe a new global social contract (...) the new pact must ensure stability and peace," asserted President Castillo.

The head of state urged the member states of the multilateral organization to work especially in the materialization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), because they represent human dignity and protection of the planet.

"Peru urges the signature of the heads of state and patents to ensure access and application of vaccines, it is necessary to adapt the SDGs to the new realities of the post-pandemic world," urged the head of state.

Understanding the importance of good nutrition to prevent diseases, the Peruvian president urged to strengthen global agricultural production and its international marketing, "we must maintain the gears of food chains and stimulate social programs to reach zero hunger," he added.

"The president of #Peru, Pedro Castillo, proposes the signing of a global agreement between states and pharmaceutical companies to ensure the distribution of vaccines against Covid without discrimination."

"The time has come to rethink our activities to achieve sustainable development in harmony with the planet. The countries that pollute the most must comply with the obligations they have assumed (...) Peru assumes the goal of becoming a carbon neutral country by 2050 and reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHG)," said the head of state.

Regarding the fight against terrorism, President Castillo ratified the global agenda for the rejection and actions against this practice: "violence only generates destruction and human rights violations, where the victims are the poorest. Peru is committed to peace, respect for international law," he said.

"I assumed the Presidency in a democratic exercise, where the sovereign will of the people voted in favor of social change with macroeconomic stability, it is the first time in Peru that a school teacher manages the destiny of the country," the President recalled.

Castillo ratified that his government, which has just taken the reins of the nation, has the challenge of combating the deep social inequalities suffered by the popular sectors of Peru: "we are going to go through an efficient management to continue with macroeconomic growth. A social transformation is necessary to allow Peruvians to enjoy their civil and social rights," he pointed out.

"The task is not only to consolidate the rule of law and the separation of powers, but to make it effective in political life and in the exercise of the population's rights," explained the President.

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