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Cap Haitien City to Be the Scene of Protests Against PM Henry

  • File photo of citizens protesting in Haiti.

    File photo of citizens protesting in Haiti. | Photo: Twitter/ @kimives13

Published 22 August 2022

As part of the anti-government protests, former Senator Moise called for sit-ins outside the banks.

Former presidential candidate Jean Charles Moise called on Haitians to protest on Monday to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, whom he accuses of worsening the country's economic, political and social situation.


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As part of the protests, Moise called for sit-ins outside the banks of Cap Haitien, a port city on the north coast of Haiti. This demonstration is intended to require the Henry administration to lower the official exchange rate to less than 100 gourdes per dollar.

This requirement comes amid a growing depreciation of the national currency, which has lost 40 percent of its value so far this year. This has contributed to a further increase in inflation in a country with high levels of poverty.

Moise also asked Haitians to hinder the routine operation of public offices as a measure of pressure against Prime Minister Henry, whom he accuses of not wanting to leave power.

The tweet reads, "Cap Haitien City in Haiti. The city with the greatest historical past. In the Department of the North."

ln interviews granted to local outlets, Moise called for "an unprecedented movement" in the country, tacitly recalling the uprising of August 22, 1791. On this date, a slave revolt, carried out in the north of the Island, gave rise to the Haitian Revolution that lasted until 1804.

Last week, trade unionist Duclos Benissoit also asked the Haitians to come out to protest and put pressure on the authorities. Until noon on Monday, however, demonstrations of discontent were episodic and reduced.

"Given the lack of credibility in politicians, one wonders how serious or realistic these two initiatives can be. The results of both approaches will speak for themselves," journalist Marie Laurette Numa said in an article published in Haiti Liberte.

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