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Brazil Supreme Court: Inquiry Aimed at Education Minister

  • The Brazilian Supreme Court of Justice approved the inquiry to the Education Minister. Mar. 25, 2022.

    The Brazilian Supreme Court of Justice approved the inquiry to the Education Minister. Mar. 25, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@StellaMendonca

Published 25 March 2022

On Thursday, the Supre Court Justice of Brazil authorized an investigation process into the Minister of Education.

Cármen Lúcia, Brazilian Supreme Court Justice, authorized the opening of an investigation process against Education Minister Milton Ribeiro on Thursday.

Brazil: Judiciary Pact for Human Rights

On Wednesday, the Brazilian Attorney-General Augusto Aras requested the top court to open an inquiry after some articles were published in the press about the alleged favored release of funds to municipalities through two pastors, which are both targeted by the investigation.

The Federal Court of Accounts decided on Wednesday that it would perform a special investigation in the Ministry of Education. Through a news report, a compromising audio recording was allegedly made by Minister Ribeiro, saying that at the request of President Jair Bolsonaro, he favors city halls in municipalities linked to two pastors.

After the evidence was publicly released and the press statements shared, Ribeiro denied the accusations, saying that no favoritism was taken into account at the time of the distribution of funds from the ministry’s resources. According to the Minister, the allocation of federal resources complies with budget legislation.

STF authorizes inquiry to investigate Minister of Education
 The PGR, Augusto Aras, asked the STF to open the investigation after publishing articles in the press about alleged favoring in the release of resources to city halls.

“The minister cannot order the allocation of resources in favor or detriment of any given municipality or state,” reads the statement.

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