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Boric Embraces Trump's Attacks on Venezuela: Evo Morales

  • Evo Morales.

    Evo Morales. | Photo: Twitter/ @upholdreality

Published 1 June 2023

"The struggle for the Latin American sovereignty and dignity must be coherent and consistent,” the Bolivian leader stressed.

On Thursday, Bolivia's former President Evo Morales rejected statements made against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro by Chilean President Gabriel Boric.


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During the summit of South American presidents held in Brasilia on Tuesday, Boric said that the Venezuelan human rights situation is not a "narrative construction" but a "serious reality", which he has personally appreciated "in the eyes and in the pain of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who are currently in our homeland and also demand a firm and clear position.

This opinion was shared by the right-wing Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle, who asked the South American leaders "not to cover the sun with one finger" about the Venezuelan situation.

In response to these criticisms, which are clearly aligned with the U.S. hegemonic speech, the former Bolivian president asked Boric to be coherent with the Latin American history.

“We are very sorry for the actions of the brother president of Chile Gabriel Boric, who forgets Salvador Allende's anti-imperialist vocation and repeats Donald Trump's attacks against the Venezuelan people. The struggle for the Latin American sovereignty and dignity must be coherent and consistent,” Morales said.

During the Brasilia summit, Maduro declined to reply to Boric's statements, emphasizing that history will respond with the truth.

The prevailing narratives about Venezuela were built as part of a “brutal, continuous aggression to crush a political project that raised the banner of Bolivar, has been in power for 24 years, and has held 29 elections,” the Venezuelan president said.

Maduro also pointed out that the achievements of the Bolivarian revolution have been possible thanks to the support of an "organized, conscious, and mobilized people."

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