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Bolivia's Coup-Born Regime Arrests Socialist Political Refugees

  • Former Mining Minister Cesar Navarro (L) and former Agriculture Minister Pedro Dorado (R), Bolivia.

    Former Mining Minister Cesar Navarro (L) and former Agriculture Minister Pedro Dorado (R), Bolivia. | Photo: Twitter/ @ATBDigital

Published 1 February 2020

An official safe-conduct was supposed to allow them to leave the country. That didn't happen.

Bolivia's Former Mining Minister Cesar Navarro and former Agriculture Minister Pedro Dorado were arrested at the El Alto airport on Saturday when they were about to board a plane as political refugees.


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For the past 82 days, these Socialists politicians remained at the Mexican embassy. Yesterday, they received a safe-conduct allowing their free departure from the country.

“The Mexican embassy transferred the asylees to the El Alto airport with the guarantee granted by the safe-conduct extended by the Bolivian government. In that sense, the asylees should be transferred to Mexico without any problem,” the Mexican diplomatic delegation tweeted.

Even though international mediators accompanied the Socialist politicians, the Interior Ministry arrested them disrespecting the safe-conduct granted by its government.​​​​

Evo Morales: "All my solidarity with my brother Cesar Navarro and his family for the aggressions he suffered this morning as he was leaving the country by making use of international law and a safe-conduct. Work of the inhuman dictatorship of Añez, Camacho, and Mesa." The meme reads, "Urgent: paramilitary resistance groups and police officers physically assaulted my dad Cesar Navarro, violating his human rights and his right to political asylum. I condemn this action internationally. It is a very serious offense against my dad and his physical integrity."

Latin American social organizations immediately began to criticize harshly Karen Longari, the Foreign Minister appointed by the U.S.-backed, self-proclaimed president Jeanina Añez, who is ultimately responsible for the ongoing persecution against the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) militants.

“We repudiate the arbitrary and illegal act of detention of former ministers Navarro and Damian, which violates all international standards. Solidarity!," the Sao Paulo Forum secretary Monica Valente said.

Navarro was provisionally released a few hours after his arrest. According to his daughter, the former minister would have been beaten by paramilitary groups during his detention.

Later, Interior Minister Arturo Murillo said that Navarro and Dorado "had been arrested by mistake" and they will leave the country in the next hours. So far, however, their exact legal status is unknown.

Their detention is part of the long list of MAS supporters persecuted by the Interim government installed after the coup d'etat against Evo Morales, which took place on Nov. 10, 2019.​​​​​​​

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