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Bolivian Opposition Plan Protests to Destabilize Elections

  • Leaders of 'Bolivia Says No,' Quispe's party.

    Leaders of 'Bolivia Says No,' Quispe's party. | Photo: ABI

Published 25 July 2019

Bolivia’s Indigenous campesino union (Csutcb) condemned the plans on Wednesday saying that they represent “a boycott of democracy.”

A senior figure of Bolivia’s right-wing opposition has announced plans for a ‘national revolt’ to destabilize the upcoming presidential elections, citing that the incumbent, leftist President Evo Morales should not be on the ballot paper. Social movements have denounced the plans as ‘undemocratic.’


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Opposition lawmaker Rafael Quispe announced on Wednesday a fresh round of national mobilizations, starting on the October 10, intended to either destabilize the elections or to secure the withdrawal of Morales. They reject a recent ruling by the electoral court that allows Morales to run for a third term at upcoming elections on October 20.

"On October 10, the march will progressively begin so that the elections are not held or held without the fake candidate ... because Evo and Alvaro (Garcia Linera) cannot stay in power."

Bolivia’s Indigenous campesino union (Csutcb) condemned the plans on Wednesday saying that they represent “a boycott of democracy,” adding that these mobilizations are an assault on the right to vote. 

The comments from Quispe come after a poll published by opposition newspaper El Deber showed Evo Morales with a comfortable lead over other opposition candidates. Morales is projected to win 37 percent of the vote, and his nearest rival Carlos Mesa is polling just 26 percent. If Morales can reach 40 percent with a 10 point difference over Mesa, then Morales’ Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) will have won the presidency in the first round. 

There are concerns that the failure of the opposition to unite, will lead some towards violence as they see a victory for the left as inevitable. 

A buoyant economy and the recent launch of universal healthcare has Evo Morales riding high in the polls.

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