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People Dying, Hospitals Can't Handle it: Bolivian De-Facto Govt

  • In Bolivia daily peaks exceed thousand patients as the spread continues.

    In Bolivia daily peaks exceed thousand patients as the spread continues. | Photo: AFP/ Carlos Mamani

Published 22 June 2020

Bolivia's health ministry alerted about the risk of the health care system collapsing. 

Bolivia's de-facto government admitted Monday its incapacity to face the COVID-19 pandemic in the Andean nation.


Bolivia De-Facto Gov't Enacts Law, Elections Sept. 6

After three months of quarantine, Health Ministry's Head of Epidemiology Virgilio Prieto acknowledged the risk of medical facilities collapsing, from which an increase of the death toll will derive.

"People are dying, there will not be capacities in hospitals, as it has happened in other places in the world (...) You have to look at Peru, or Chile, which has a better health system than ours and looks at the situation they are in," he stressed.

"The actual projection will be marked by the epidemic, taking into account the behavior of the population. There are people who are not conscious enough for prevention, who do not understand that this disease kills, that it is very painful," the official added. 

This comes as de-facto president Jeanine Añez Sunday announced that she will promulgate the law to hold presidential elections on Sept. 6. This postponement has been severely criticized, although Añez claims that the decision is taken as a precaution to avoid contagion.

"The de-facto government is blindly leading the pandemic. They changed three health ministers and (...) now they contradict each other at every step. For the health of the people, we must have elections."


On this line, former President Evo Morales said hours before the announcement that a new coup against the Assembly was being planned.

The country’s general elections were initially postponed from May 3 to Aug. 3 due to the epidemic. However, the Bolivian Assembly approved earlier this month another delay, postponing them for Sept. 6.

In Bolivia, COVID-19 cases continue to increase in the last few hours, with daily peaks exceeding a thousand patients. So far, it has been confirmed 24,388 cases, with 773 deceases. 5,454 patients have been dismissed from hospitals.

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