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Bolivia Discovers New Natural Gas and Oil Field

  • A man works in a gas field in Aquio, Bolivia.

    A man works in a gas field in Aquio, Bolivia. | Photo: Twitter/ @ArgentinaShale

Published 24 December 2020

The Boycobo Sur X1 field is one of the most important discoveries made in Bolivia in recent years.

Bolivia's President Luis Arce Thursday confirmed the discovery of a gas field in the Caipipendi block, with reserves of approximately one trillion cubic feet.


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"The Pachamama (Mother Earth) gave us a nice Christmas present, the discovery of a mega hydrocarbons field," he declared.

The Boycobo Sur X1 field, in the Bolivian Southern Sub-Andean region, is one of the most important discoveries made in recent years.

"We are confident in the potential of this exploration area," Bolivian Petroleum Fields (YPFB) President Wilson Zelaya added.

This Andean country invested millions of dollars in the exploration of the deposit, which will begin its production in December 2021.

"It is a pride for all to prove that Bolivians can successfully undertake serious exploration projects," Zelaya said.

In Bolivia, there are at least 30 gas fields, all located in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Tarija, and Chuquisaca Departments. The state obtains most of its fiscal income from the sale of natural gas to countries such as Brazil and Argentina.

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