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BRICS Partnership Differs From NATO Command Structure: Lavrov

  • Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Serguei Lavrov.

    Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Serguei Lavrov. | Photo: Twitter/ @jlixus

Published 24 January 2023

The Russian chancellor insisted that all BRICS member countries make efforts to find mutually acceptable solutions. 

At a meeting with Eswatini’s Foreign Affairs Minister Thuli Dladla on Tuesday, the Russian chancellor Serguei Lavrov highlighted the difference of principles between the U.S.-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and BRICS, the economic bloc made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.


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"The BRICS is a new kind of partnership. It operates on the consensus principle, which is far from the 'master-slave' command structure that we currently see in NATO,” Lavrov stated.

“If any BRICS member has a problem with a particular proposal, such a proposal is not accepted. All members make efforts to find mutually acceptable solutions,” he insisted.

As a sign of agreement between the BRICS countries, the Russian chancellor cited the recent decision to increase payments in national currencies in trade and financial operations to fight the dollar instability.

"The reason is simple: we cannot rely on financial mechanisms in the hands of those who can cheat at any time and refuse to fulfill their obligations," Lavrov highlighted, implicitly referring to the U.S. and European Union sanctions against Russia.

Besides agreeing to promote bilateral cooperation, Lavrov and Dladla signed an agreement to abolish visas for Eswatini's citizens who holds diplomatic and service passports. They also asked the United Nations (UN) to manage the shipment to this African country of part of the Russian fertilizers confiscated by coercive economic measures.

“We laid the groundwork for further agreements with Russia,” Dladla praised. Known as the Kingdom of Swaziland until 2018, the Kingdom of Eswatini is a former U.K. colony that shares borders with Mozambique in the east and South Africa in the south, west, and north.

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