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Argentine President Accuses Judges of Meddling in Elections

  • Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, 2023.

    Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @jatirado

Published 10 May 2023

The Supreme Court aligned itself with the right-wing opposition "to anticipate what was foreseen as possible triumphs of Peronism," the Presidency said.

On Tuesday, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez accused the Supreme Court of meddling in the gubernatorial elections in the provinces of San Juan and Tucuman, which were scheduled for Sunday.


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"In a clear interference in the democratic process and in the autonomy of the provinces, the Supreme Court aligned itself with the opposition to anticipate what was foreseen as possible triumphs of Peronism," the Argentine Presidency said.

Previously, the Supreme Court suspended the elections in Tucuman and San Juan after accepting unconstitutionality appeals filed by the right-wing opposition against the candidacies of the current governors.

The judicial decision affects Juan Manzur, governor of Tucuman since 2015, who wanted to participate as a candidate for lieutenant governor. It also prevents the participation of Sergio Uñac, governor of San Juan since 2015, who aspired to be reelected.

"We support the governors Sergio Uñac and Juan Manzur in the face of this new outrage... It is imperative that the Supreme Court stop meddling in the institutionality of the Argentine provinces and allow people to vote," the Argentine Presidency said.

"The judicial meddling in electoral processes profoundly damages democratic coexistence and dangerously alters the institutionality," it added.

The Supreme Court decision, however, was celebrated by the right-wing coalition Together for Change, to which former President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) belongs. 

Previously, in response to the defeats of right-wing organizations in the elections held last week, Macri accused the governors of being part of "a feudal hindrance."

The Argentine Presidency criticized his statements, highlighting that the right-wing politician uses derogatory concepts against Argentine federalism and democracy.

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