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Argentine Foreign Ministry Confirms Humanitarian Aid to Syria

  • Between Türkiye and Syria, the death toll from the February 6 earthquakes exceeds 35 000 people. Feb. 14, 2023.

    Between Türkiye and Syria, the death toll from the February 6 earthquakes exceeds 35 000 people. Feb. 14, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@neilhimself

Published 14 February 2023

Türkiye has already received in its territory brigades of White Helmets and the Federal Police of Argentina.

The Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the sending of a delegation of the Argentine Agency for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance - White Helmets (ACIAH) to Syria following the strong earthquakes that shook the nation along with Türkiye on February 6.

Several Earthquake Survivors Rescued After Over 204 Hours

The Aciah president, Sabina Frederic, met with the Argentine ambassador to Syria, Sebastián Zavalla, "to coordinate the planning of the delivery of humanitarian aid," while waiting for the Syrian government to determine the assistance it deems necessary.  

This comes after Syria confirmed last Friday that it accepted Aciah's offer of humanitarian aid to help deal with "the disaster in the northwest of that country as a result of the earthquake."

The White Helmets' mission comprises specialists in creating emergency shelters from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), staff trained to manage camps and shelters, and trained in the management and distribution of donations.

Argentina confirms that it will provide humanitarian assistance in Syria due to the earthquake Syria. The president of the ACIAH, Sabina Frederic, held a meeting with Argentine Ambassador Sebastian Zavalla to coordinate the planning of humanitarian assistance.

Argentina's aid also includes sending a light Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) brigade, along with water purification tablets, disinfectants, sanitation and hygiene items, as well as medicines and medical supplies specifically for this type of catastrophe.

Türkiye has already received similar brigades on its territory. "The teams of the White Helmets and the Federal Police of Argentina sent to Türkiye are already carrying out rescue work in Hatay, one of the regions that suffered most from the consequences of the earthquake," said Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero via Twitter. 

As reported on Tuesday by Türkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the death toll from the February 6 earthquakes rose to 35 418 and more than 105 500 were injured. While teleSUR's correspondent in Syria, Hisham Wannous, reported 4 500 dead in areas under the control of the country's authorities and also in areas under the control of armed groups, while more than 5 500 people were injured. 

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