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Argentina To Require Production Data From Large Companies

  • Employees start working day at Toyota branch, Zarate, Argentina, March 15, 2021.

    Employees start working day at Toyota branch, Zarate, Argentina, March 15, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 17 March 2021

The information will be used to determine product shortages and avoid speculative behavior triggering unjustified price increases.

Argentina's Domestic Trade Secretary Paula Español informed about the imposition on 1,000 large companies of a new information regime regarding prices, production, sales, and stocks.


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The reporting regime seeks to monitor production and commercial activities in key sectors. The delivery of the information will be mandatory and confidential. 

The data will be uploaded on a digital platform in two stages, the first of which corresponds to companies in sectors such as food, beverages, personal hygiene, construction, agrochemicals, electronics, and furniture.

The selected companies will submit their reports on a monthly basis. The first submission must be made between April 1 and 10.

This new information regime responds to several concerns voiced by producers who reject the price freeze since March 2020 and excessive increases of several inputs.

The Productive Development Ministry noted that companies refusing to provide the information may be warned under the Supply Law.

"The idea is to avoid speculative behavior linked to unjustified price increases and to monitor the value chains so as to obtain early warnings from companies in the event of shortages or price imbalances," Español said.

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