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Argentina: Investigative Journalist Griselda Blanco Found Dead

  • Journalist Griselda Blanco, Argentina, 2023.

    Journalist Griselda Blanco, Argentina, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @provincia1270

Published 22 May 2023

She was found dead with signs of having been strangled with a rope and struck in the face.

On Saturday afternoon, Argentine radio journalist Griselda Blanco was found dead at her home in Curuzu Cuatia, in the province of Corrientes, where she had denounced police abuse and malpractice at a local hospital .


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Although her ex-partner Armando Jara was arrested for investigation, Blanco's relatives do not consider that her crime is related to personal matters but to the denunciation of issues "that no one dared to say."

"I don't think it is a case of femicide. In my opinion, I don't think Jara had anything to do with it. However, we are waiting for the results of the investigations," said Lautaro Cesano, one of the sons of the journalist.

Blanco was found dead with signs of having been strangled with a rope and struck in the face. On the floor of her residence traces of blood were also found.

The tweet reads, "The journalist recorded a video a few days before her assassination. 'They want to kill me. I'm going to die when Diso says so.' Horror in Corrientes. Journalist Griselda Blanco was murdered in Curuzu Cuatia. She denounced medical malpractice and was found dead."

“Hairs were also found on her hands, which could indicate that she tried to defend herself from the attack,” police said, confirming that the entrances to her home were not broken into.

The Argentine Federation of Press Workers (FATPREN) expressed its deep concern and recalled that Blanco had recently denounced malpractice at a local hospital.

To ensure transparency in the investigation, Prosecutor Maria Jose Barrero requested that Blanco's death be investigated by the Argentine Federal Police (PFA).

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