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Argentina: Baez-Sosa's Killers Are Convicted To Life Sentence

  • A photo of Argentine law student Fernando Baez-Sosa.

    A photo of Argentine law student Fernando Baez-Sosa. | Photo: Twitter/ @buen_semblante

Published 6 February 2023

This case gained international prominence since the murderers published videos of their attack against the 18-year-old law student on social media. 

On Monday, Argentina’s Dolores Criminal Court sentenced five out of the eight young citizens involved in the murdering 18-year-old law student Fernando Baez-Sosa to life imprisonment.


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The accused were young rugby players Maximo Thomsen, Matias Benicelli, Enzo Comelli, and Ciro and Luciano Pertossi, who come from Zarate city and had gone on holiday to Villa Gesell in January 2020.

At that time, Baez-Sosa, the son of two Paraguayan immigrants, was also on holiday in Villa Gesell with friends. He had an altercation with the rugby players at the club Le Brique, so both groups of young people were expelled from the premises.

Minutes later, the rugby players ambushed the law student with the help of three other men whom the Dolores Court sentenced to 15 years imprisonment as secondary participants in the murder.

Baez-Sosa received blows to the head, belly, and jaw, which caused him a traumatic cardiac arrest. His friends approached to defend him, but the rugby players beat them too.

When the victim was already unconscious on the floor, Thomsen kept punching him in the head. "I am taking him as a trophy! Rise and fight, coward," the attacker shouted.

The case gained international prominence since the culprits published images and videos of their attack on social media.

"Fernando was a loving son, a loyal companion committed to social tasks. The people saw their children and brothers in him. It was unfair the end he had. He did not deserve that martyrdom," the case judge David Mancinelli stated.

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