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AMLO Proposes to UN Security Council "World Fraternity Plan"

  • Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador at the UN Security Council in New York City. November 9, 2021.

    Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador at the UN Security Council in New York City. November 9, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/@KurtHackbarth

Published 9 November 2021

From the Security Council of the United Nations (UN), President Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposed the creation of a "world plan of fraternity and well-being", with the objective of guaranteeing the right to a dignified life to 750 million people who survive on less than two dollars a day.

This plan, he explained, could be financed with a fund from at least three sources: the collection of a voluntary annual contribution of 4 percent of their fortunes from the thousand richest people on the planet; a similar contribution from the thousand largest private corporations in terms of their value in the world market, and cooperation of 0.2 percent of the GDP of each of the countries that are members of the Group of 20.


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If this income target were met, he said, the Fund could have around one trillion dollars annually at its disposal.

Emphasizing that his proposal and message was made in his capacity as president of Mexico, he issued a harsh criticism of the UN regarding its role in combating inequality; he gave as an example that the mechanism established by the organization to distribute anti-virus vaccines to the poorest nations has been a "painful and resounding failure" because it has only distributed 6 percent of the doses available on the planet.

"Hundreds of supporters of the president  @lopezobrador_ gather in front of the headquarters of the 
UN to follow the president's participation at the head of the Security Council. Dancers and mariachis participate in the "Amlofest." Info: https://bit.ly/3qkr5Se"

López Obrador was the one who led the High-Level Open Debate "Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Exclusion, Inequality and Conflict," in his capacity as President of the UN Security Council in New York.

He presented different proposals similar to those applied by his government, however, he admitted that "it could take time to pacify the country, but the safest formula is to address the root causes (the causes of violence).

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