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AISR Says Influenza Cases Increase in Australia as Winter Comes

  • Person with influenza in Australia. Jun. 6, 2023.

    Person with influenza in Australia. Jun. 6, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@GlobalHM

Published 6 June 2023

"...children represent a significant part of the total number of infections..."

The incidence of influenza cases in Australia has experienced a significant increase of 40 percent within a two-week period, coinciding with the onset of winter.


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As stated in the 2023 update of the Australian Influenza Surveillance Report (AISR) issued by the Department of Health, the number of verified cases of influenza in the nation stands at 57,816 as of May 28, with a total of 57 fatalities.

According to the data provided by the AISR, this represents a surge of 43% as compared to the 40,318 cases that had been reported until May 14.

As per the report, a cautionary statement was issued indicating that children represent a significant part of the total number of infections, as evidenced by the notification rates observed within the 5-9, 0-4, and 10-14 age groups.

Since surveillance started in April, 76% of influenza cases that required hospitalization across Australia were found to be individuals below the age of 16.

Influenza cases in Australia have jumped more than 40 percent in two weeks as the country approaches winter.

Various reports state that the inadequate rate of influenza vaccination uptake among children has raised concerns among experts.

According to official statements, In March, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Paul Kelly, wrote to vaccination providers urging them to stress the importance of immunization in anticipation of winter; furthermore, at the time, he expressed a particular concern regarding the vaccination rates among children below the age of five.

In accordance with the parameters of the National Immunization Program, immunization against influenza is provided at no cost to children who fall within the age range of six months to five years.


Paul Kelly
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