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Peru: Court Declared Inadmissible The Habeas Corpus To Pedro Castillo

  • Peru: Court Declared Inadmissible The Habeas Corpus To Pedro Castillo

    | Photo: Anadolu Agency

Published 10 December 2022

The immediate freedom of Castillo is compromised

The Third Constitutional Court of Lima declared the habeas corpus petition filed in favor of the former Peruvian president, Pedro Castillo, inadmissible.

Judge John Paredes ruled that the petition made by Castillo's defense must be archived definitively and thus the habeas corpus lawsuit filed for the way in which the former president was detained by police officers was declared inadmissible.

With the resolution of this court, the immediate freedom of Castillo is compromised.

Meanwhile, this saturday the Extraordinary National Assembly of Social Organizations of Peru approved its support for the closure of unicameral Parliament, the call for a National Constituent Assembly, and the request for Castillo's immediate release.

In addition, nearly 200 delegates of this Assembly approved the call for a national strike for December 15.


Since last Wednesday, thousands of protesters have been demanding Castillo's release and the closure of Congress, which ordered the dismissal of the then president.

Hours earlier, the former president announced the dissolution of Congress and the establishment of a Government of Exception.

The Armed Forces and the National Police did not support the action, declaring it unconstitutional. Castillo is now being held at the Directorate of Special Operations (DIROES).

Protests have been carried out in Lima and in regions such as Arequipa, Trujillo, Ayaucho, Huancavelica, Huancayo, Puno and Cajamarca.

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