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Venezuelan National Assembly To Reactivate Legislative Agenda

  • Deputy of the Venezuelan opposition political party 

    Deputy of the Venezuelan opposition political party "Justice First" Luis Parra was elected as speaker of the National Assembly on Sunday. | Photo: Reuters

Published 6 January 2020

"We are ready to normalize Venezuela's legislative agenda," said the newly elected president of the Venezuelan National Assembly Luis Parra said.

The new President of the National Assembly (NA) of Venezuela Luis Parra said Monday that the new directive will work to "reactivate the legislative agenda" and move towards the formation of a National Electoral Council (CNE) to regulate the next round of elections in the country.


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The deputy of the Venezuelan opposition political party "Justice First" questioned the actions of lawmakers Juan Guaido who tried to prevent the vote for the parliament leaders.

"There was no Guaido policy, what we had, was a deception," said Parra, assuring that the opposition had regrouped to end a representation that "offered nothing to the country."

Parra said that an ordinary session of Parliament has been called for Tuesday to begin the work towards national reconciliation and depolarizing the country.

"The first phase is to save Parliament from destruction. No political party can be above the Constitution," he said at a press conference.

Luis Parra: We make a call, this parliament is a civilian one, we make a call to the Armed Forces, that we respect them but they must return to the Constitution and that they must not be in command of any political bias 

"The development of the actions is aimed at serving the Venezuelan people, above and beyond personal interests," he insisted.

Meanwhile, Parra specified that during Sunday's voting session there was a quorum with the participation of 150 lawmakers, of which 81 supported the new board of directors.

"Everyone stayed until the vote, no one nominated another board, no one asked for verification because the result was conclusive," he explained.

Parra also assured that, during the election, all the orders of the Constitution for this process were respected. Finally, highlighting that no country in the world "has the authority to guide an autonomous Parliament."

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