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Anti-Venezuela Campaign Has Intensified: President Maduro

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Feb. 26, 2024.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Feb. 26, 2024. | Photo: X/ @NicolasMaduro

Published 27 February 2024

There is no way a U.S.-backed far-right option will be able to defeat the revolutionary option in the 2024 elections, the Venezuelan leader said.

On Monday, President Nicolas Maduro denounced the escalation of the campaign aimed at damaging Venezuela's international image.


Washington Once Again Interferes in the Essequibo Issue

During his program "With Maduro +," he mentioned that U.S. imperialism and the Venezuelan far-right invent fake news every day to discredit the South American country through international portals and social networks. This happens at a time when the far-right opposition is losing the possibility of winning the 2024 presidential elections.

"Unable to win the elections, imperialism and far-right politicians try to damage Venezuela's image... By no means will a far-right option backed by imperialism be able to defeat the popular and revolutionary option that the Bolivarian movement puts forward in the elections," said Maduro, who urged the U.S. to lift all sanctions against his country's population.

Additionally, Maduro announced that on Tuesday, he will receive reports from over 60,000 popular assemblies held regarding the Seven Transformations Plan.

"I will receive reports from the 335 municipalities of the 23 states and Caracas. I will also receive reports from over 43 social movements and 230 social columns," he said.

Environmental recovery of La Paragua

Regarding the events that occurred in La Paragua, where the collapse of an illegal mine left 16 dead and 36 injured, the Venezuelan president ordered Domingo Hernandez, the commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, to completely clear the area of illegal activities and implement an environmental recovery plan.

"They have completely destroyed that area, which was part of a natural park... Through an investigation that I personally lead, we have detected a set of irregularities and corrupt actions by some officials... We will correct all of that," he said.

President Erdogan will visit Venezuela in 2024

Regarding the visit of Türkiye's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Venezuela, which was announced by Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, Maduro highlighted the friendship ties between the two nations.

"Sooner rather than later, we expect him in Venezuela to continue advancing in the cooperative relationship between our peoples," the Bolivarian leader affirmed.

Venezuela rejects the genocide in Palestine

President Maduro also reiterated his support for Palestine and rejected the genocide committed by Israel against the Gaza population.

"We hope that the International Court of Justice acts truly. It must act. All the world's governments expect it to act and stop the genocide, forced migration, and looting of the Palestinian people," he declared.

Maduro also expressed that a colonization of Gaza based on "the extermination of the Arab Palestinian people, murder, crime, and famine" is unacceptable.

Support for the President of Mexico

The Venezuelan leader also expressed his support for Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who faces a campaign of discredit due to his progressive political positions.

"They have launched a brutal campaign against an honest, honorable, and brave man... What President Lopez Obrador has done is to defend himself and defend his country. For telling the truth, he has been censored on social networks," the Bolivarian leader declared.

On the eve, Lopez Obrador criticized YouTube for censoring a video of one of his press conferences. He described that action as "arrogant and authoritarian."

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