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Universities Urge Dialogue In Ecuador After 6 Days Of Chaos

  • Universities Urge Dialogue In Ecuador After 6 Days Of Chaos

    | Photo: @lacentralec

Published 8 October 2019

Four universities in Ecuador expressed their preocupation for the economic measures imposed by the Government and the national prostests in consequence. They also urged dialogue for the sake of the nation.

The University of Central Ecuador, the institution that welcomes the largest number of senior students in this Andean nation, the Salesian Polytechnic University, the National Polytechnic School and the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, released a Statement to Public Opinion urging dialogue for the sake of the nation after six days of political, economic and social state of chaos.


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“Our universities see with great concern the difficult economic, social and political situation that the country is going through and the complexities for achieving the necessary balance," they state.

They warned that polarization does not offer solutions, but, on the contrary, can cause irreparable damage to human lives and the breakdown of the conditions of coexistence necessary for safety in every society.

Furthermore, the universities pointed out that stigmatization, violence and the use of force or vandalism, can dramatically replace reasons, arguments and deliberation and invoked the constitution as a  dialogue space to find measures, solutions and compensation required by the country.

"We call on all people, who are fulfilling various roles in this conflict to value life as a supreme good, to preserve peace and to open themselves to a process of constructive dialogue in search of the common good," they said.

They requested, in particular from the national executive,  an opening to meet with indigenous peoples, listen to their circumstances and complaints. At the same time, they considered that democratic institutions must be respected and strengthened in times of crisis.

These universities offered all their capabilities to establish fruitful dialogue mechanisms, so that the legitimate interests of the various social groups are subject to the best interests of this Andean nation.

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