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OAS Chief Interferes in Electoral Process in Dominica

  • OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro

    OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro | Photo: Reuters

Published 20 November 2019

The situation in Dominica has been tense these last few days, as police and protesters continue to clash in the streets of this small Caribbean island. 

The Organization of American States' chief Luis Almagro on Tuesday commented the massive protests against the government that took place the night before, supporting the opposition demanding an electoral reform ahead of the coming elections.

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The former French and British colony of about 75,000 residents is holding new elections on Decemeber 6. However, the opposition United Workers’ Party has been pushing the governing party to enact reforms in a bid to gain a better electoral advantage.

More than 200 protesters clashed with the police when they tried to march to President Charles Savarin’s home Monday night to call for reforms.

According to new reports, the security forces set up barricades in Roseau as the prosters call for the implementation of electoral reforms, which were dictated by the Organization of American States at a meeting in August. 

Dominica's Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has since addressed the small Caribbean island nation to condemn the "intrusion of violence into the election campaign," pointing out that the protesters are not demonstrating because of electoral reform, as previously reported by the western media.

The premier also stated that the upcoming election will be governed by the same process as all elections, highlighting the fact that his opposition under the same system during the last election.

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