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Haitians Mobilize Again Against Fuel Shortages

  • unarmed protesters face militarized police in Port au Prince, Haiti as fuel shortages are rampant across the country. Sept.11, 2019

    unarmed protesters face militarized police in Port au Prince, Haiti as fuel shortages are rampant across the country. Sept.11, 2019 | Photo: Reuters

Published 20 September 2019

Haitians denounce deep socio-political and economic crisis in the country with fuel shortages and a president, accused of corruption, who refuses to step down.

Opposition parties in Haiti held on Friday general mobilization against fuel shortages, on the day that also marks the 261st anniversary of the birth of Haiti's independence leader, Jean-Jacques Dessalines.


Haiti's Capital Still Paralyzed On Second Day Of Protests

Protesters denounced the deep socio-political and economic crisis that the country is experiencing, in addition to demanding the immediate resignation of President Jovenel Moïse.

Demonstrations were taken up again this week over gas shortages, but protesters throughout the country were rampant, and state response repressive, as citizens protested against the nation's high rates of unemployment, hunger, high cost of living, ecological crisis, rural exodus, and the "new phenomena" of repressive paramilitary groups and criminal gangs that devastate the most vulnerable areas.

At a Friday press conference, organizers of the manifestations also demanded, once again, that President Moise step down over clear evidence of embezzlement of public funds, among other accusations. So far, Haiti's Congress has delayed the leader's impeachment process at least three over the past few months.

The call to keep demonstrating comes at a time when the country is experiencing social instability due to fuel shortages, which triggered mobilizations last Monday and Tuesday.

According to Democratic and Popular Sector spokesperson, André Michel, at least three people died in the recent demonstrations, another 69 were injured and 77 were arrested by security forces.

In addition, the Haitian National Police continues its investigations into the death of Vladimir Fede, allegedly at the hands of police during last Monday's marches.

Benjamin Jean Claude, Division Commissioner, reported that four officers were placed in solitary confinement and their firearms were confiscated for ballistic analysis.

According to official reports, Michel was killed by a gunshot wound as agents tried to prevent him and others from placing lit tires barricades on the street in Port au Prince.​​​​​​​

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