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One Year Later: Relatives of Argentine Sub Crew Seek Justice

  • Relatives of the submarine crew during a ceremony to commemorate the tragedy in Mar del Plata, Argentina on Nov. 15, 2018.

    Relatives of the submarine crew during a ceremony to commemorate the tragedy in Mar del Plata, Argentina on Nov. 15, 2018. | Photo: Reuters

Published 16 November 2018

One year after the Argentine submarine's disappearance, the missing crew's relatives are disappointed with President Mauricio Macri's promises.

On Thursday, Argentina remembered 44 crew members from the ARA San Juan submarine which was lost at sea one year ago. With regard to President Mauricio Macri's speech at the tribute ceremony, the missing crew's relatives said they felt disappointed and are still waiting for some answers about the fate of their loved ones.


Argentina: Relatives Of Missing Submarine Crew Launch Vigil

"We will keep looking until we can really find it," said Macri, who told the relatives that "they are not alone, they count on me from the first day," according to a report by El Destape.

"The commitment was always the same," Itati Leguizamon, wife of a lost sonar technician, said adding that "whenever [Macri] made public appearances in relation to the ARA San Juan, the speech was the same: they are going to continue and they will find the crew. I do not see anything new."

"One year after the disappearance of ARA San Juan, we continue to demand justice and to clarify what happened. Judgment and punishment to those responsible and concealers. Our greatest respect and recognition to the 44 heroes present, now and always!"

The Argentine submarine was returning from a mission, in the southernmost tip of the country, when it reported an electrical breakdown on the morning of Nov.15, 2017. The vessel was ordered back to base but the crew was not heard from again.

An international search and rescue operation was conducted, but the missing submarine was not located.

Legizamon expressed distrust about the Government's search capability. "Although the government 'tried' to find the missing submarine", she explained, "they cannot find it." 

Similarly, a sibling of a missing corporal stated that Macri's speech "sounded like nothing, like another speech from him... did not convey neither hope nor assurance that he will comply with what he says."

A legislative commission was set up to report findings or queries into the tragedy, with the results to be made public in the coming days.

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