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Argentine Judge: 'No Evidence' in Cristina Fernandez's Case

  • Senator Cristina Fernandez contends she is a victim of political persecution.

    Senator Cristina Fernandez contends she is a victim of political persecution. | Photo: EFE

Published 10 November 2018

A federal judge ruled there is no evidence that links former President Cristina Fernandez to a money laundering case.

A federal judge in Argentina, Sebastian Casanello, ruled Friday that there is not enough evidence in the money laundering case against former president and current senator Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Argentine Judge Orders Preventive Detention for Cristina Fernandez

Judge Casanello said there is not enough evidence to hold the Argentine senator responsible in the case of the so-called "K money route," for which businessman Lazaro Baez is currently imprisoned. At least 20 people are implicated in the money laundering case. 

"The attribution of criminal responsibility as a consequence of a process respectful of the Constitution and laws is based on evidence," the judge said Friday.

Despite lack of proof, the judge did not acquit Fernandez.

Rather, he requested Argentina's Financial Information Unit (UIF) to provide more information that could link the former president with the crimes she is being accused of. Fernandez has upheld her innocence and believes the case against her is a political move by the country's right-wing to exclude her from political life and to distract the Argentine people from a worsening economic crisis.  

She has assured her followers that the denunciations that weigh against her respond to a political persecution launched since the arrival of President Mauricio Macri to power.

Her lawyer, Carlos Beraldi, assured that "the judge did not find any element to be able to establish a responsibility for the fact that is being investigated". He also stressed that "they wanted in any way to link Kirchner with this investigation." The current senator is accused of being allegedly involved in the so-called "K money route," which involves bribes and money laundering. The case has been investigated since 2013.

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