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Mexico: Violence Increases During COVID-19 Crisis

  • Burned-out facility at Las Sabinas Hospital, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

    Burned-out facility at Las Sabinas Hospital, Nuevo Leon, Mexico | Photo: Twitter/@moverseesvivir

Published 8 April 2020

Many social media users reported several attacks against medical personnel, fearing the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Residents of the Mexican rural region of Las Sabinas, in Nuevo Leon, set fire to a hospital to prevent it from accepting COVID-19 positive case-patients.


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Daniel González Garza, Las Sabinas’ mayor, declared, “ these were acts of vandalism that we condemn.” The functionary added: "They happened because of the news brought there by people on social networks, who don't want the sick to come here, they're afraid they'll come here.”

Gonzalez Garza explained that the incendiaries sprayed flammable substances in the installations, specifically doors and halls. Despite the destructive actions, the facility did not suffer major damages. The sanitary installation was recently constructed and it is not yet completely equipped. 

According to Las Sabinas’s administration, these events are under investigations and the perpetrators are not identified. 

"According to the mayor of Sabinas Hidalgo, Daniel González Garza, residents of the municipality vandalized and set fire to a hospital under construction that would be used to treat patients with COVID19."

This is not the first sample of fear and discrimination among the Mexican people due to COVID-19 spreading. Several social network users reported several attacks against medical personnel, fearing the contagious. This marginalization of sanitary workers is a consequence of misinformation and the prevalence of fake news.

The Mexican population is facing the COVID-19 spreading under no economic guarantees and for citizenship majority, the illness implies an incoming cease and familiar poverty. This situation, associated with the lack of preventive measures, generates fear among the people. 

Not only are vandal acts increasing in Mexico, but also systemic social issues such as feminicide and gender violence. In Mexico, 10 women are killed every day and according to the Child Rights Network, at least three children are victims of violence every day. These figures could increase due to confinement and social isolation due to the virus.

So far, Mexico registers 2785 positive cases and 141 deceases. 

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