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Drivers Take Over the Streets in Colombia

  • Thousands of drivers have lost their licenses so far this year

    Thousands of drivers have lost their licenses so far this year | Photo: Reuters

Published 23 September 2019

The Colombian Drivers Guild called on a national strike starting this monday

This Monday morning Colombia woke up to see some of its main streets in different regions taken by the Colombian Drivers Guild after Hernando Chavez, representative of the organization, called for a national strike demanding to revoke the suspension of thousands of drivers licences, El Espectador reported.


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Pulzo news outlet said the main reason given by Chavez is the temporary suspension of 13 thousand drivers licenses this year, as well as the definitive removal of another 350. Chavez warned cars not to try to circulate since they would only allow passing to emergency vehicles.

As of this afternoon Bogota was not as affected as other regions, although many main arteries of the city have been taken by the protesters, who are Truck drivers, taxi drivers and other transportation workers, all gathered under the Colombian Drivers Guild, said El Espectador. 

Other areas of the South American nation felt the consequences of the protest more intensely. According to Caracol Radio the municipality of Soacha has implemented a number of preventive measures. They have called on a curfew for minors and will not be selling alcohol tonight. 

RCN Channel reports more than 60 vehicles vandalized so far, as well as other criminal activities, which have made Colombian legal authorities warn the protesters against any crime. Different media outlets are providing information for the people in the cities where the strike is taking place regardings which roads to take.

According to Prensa Latina News Agency, audios on social media denounce police abuse against different drivers, who can lose their license for having two penalties on the road in the same semester. 

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