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AMLO Weighs Referendum on Legalization of Some Drugs

  • AMLO is close to his first year in office

    AMLO is close to his first year in office | Photo: Reuters

Published 22 September 2019

AMLO says he favors hold a national consultation to evaluate the decriminalization of some drugs, specifically medicinal ones. 

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Friday he is willing to call a national consultation on the legalization of some drugs next year, Mexican newspaper La Jornada reported. 


Fight Corruption, Stop Impunity New Plan for Mexican Govt: AMLO

The statement came at his usual morning press conference held in Merida, Yucatan after a national security meeting. He stressed that legalization would be focused on medicinal drugs.

However, the progressive president said the matter is not a priority right now since his administration is focusing on issues such as the fight against corruption, the straightening of the National Guard and social welfare. After he completes his first year in office in December, the president and his team said they would evaluate the work done so far and then make a decision.

According to Milenio news outlet, AMLO assured he understood how the decriminalization of some drugs, done from a medical point of view, is part of the process of peacemaking in Mexico, where drugs and drug cartels are a major problem.

He said he was also aware of the views on the matter are diverse and many do not want to see such a law passed, not even for medicinal drugs. Others, he said, think the origin of violence is prohibition, therefore he agrees with the idea of legalizations of some drugs, Expansion Politica reported.

Nevertheless, he reminded reporters that his administration has also launched a campaign to help young people stay away from drugs.

Lopez Obrador had previously expressed his interest in evaluating the legalization of cannabis for therapeutic, pharmaceutical and recreational purposes. Morena, his party, even presented to at the Senate an initiative on the subject.

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