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At Least 120 Families Forcibly Displaced in Colombia

  • Displaced peasants in Ituango, Antioquia, Colombia.

    Displaced peasants in Ituango, Antioquia, Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/ @FunSumapaz

Published 24 February 2020

The affected families are still waiting for a governmental response to this injustice.

At least 120 families were displaced from the countryside zones of the Ituango municipality on Sunday, in the Colombian state of Antioquia. The displacement affects the resident of zones like Torrentes, San Juanillo, las Arañas, el Cedral, and Santa Ana.


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Human rights organizations denounced this situation, pointing out the presence of armed groups in the area as the main reason for the movements. These violent groups imposed control over traffic routes and illicit crops.  These circumstances also increase the threats against social leaders and defenders. 

Oscar Yesid Zapata, Nodo Antioquía’s organization spokesperson, explained that the community declared itself in a forced displacement because it does not perceive guarantees facing this situation, caused by the pressure of armed groups.

Zapata also affirmed that the functionary who should manage the movement and give the displaced one's responsiveness is out of the municipality.

Human rights organizations accused Colombian President Ivan Duque´s administration of being irresponsible for not implementing the peace agreements to solve the illicit crops situation. 

Local media affirm that the non-governmental organization Nodo Antioquia, the Permanent Human Rights Defense Committee, the Nibaru Corporation, Sumapaz Foundation, and the Legal Liberty Corporation visited Ituando on February 22 and emitted communication about community risks. 

The affected families are still waiting for a governmental response to this injustice, but the military presence in the area has already been confirmed.

The Ombudsman Office emitted an early alert months ago because of the violence in Ituango, explaining all the risk that the people suffer there.  

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