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Colombia: Protests Called Against Murders of Ex-FARC Members

  • FARC Senator Victoria Sandino said it

    FARC Senator Victoria Sandino said it "is a pot-banging for life because hope cannot continue to be murdered." | Photo: Prensa Latina

Published 23 February 2020

According to the Common Alternative Revolutionary Force party, a total of 190 peace signatories have already been killed since 2016.

The Colombian Common Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC) party called for a new day of protests next Tuesday, to reject the recent killings of three former members in the northwestern department of Choco.


Violence Persists in Colombia: Another Ex-FARC Member Murdered

According to FARC Senator Victoria Sandino, the pot-banging (cacerolazo) will happen across the country in response to the government's silence, as it has ignored the party's requests for a meeting with Interior Minister Alicia Arango.

Sandino assured that the party has not received any proof of the fovernment's will to protect the signatories of the Peace Agreement and that the state entities have not provided the right protection for the territories.

190 peace signatories have been killed after the signing of the agreement. Mr. Ivan Duque this genocide has to stop. See you on the streets on Feb. 25 

The senator declared that the call consists of "a pot-banging for life in the face of this genocide that is happening against the signatories of the peace, the same day three comrades were murdered and this cannot continue to be hidden, these facts have to call the attention of all Colombian society because hope cannot continue to be murdered."

Sandino's message goes directly to President Ivan Duque, rejecting the lack of measures to protect the former ex-combatants as they "can't longer stand" the persecution.

The lawmaker also called for the actions to move from Twitter to the streets. 

According to the political organization, a total of 190 signatories have already been killed since the signing of the Peace Agreement in Havana in 2016 between the Colombian state and the then guerrilla group known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, now the Common Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC).

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