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Ecuador’s Leftists Launch Presidential Campaign

  • Vice Presidential candidate Carlos Rabascall holds rally in Quito's historic center. January 2, 2021.

    Vice Presidential candidate Carlos Rabascall holds rally in Quito's historic center. January 2, 2021. | Photo: Twitter / @rabascallcarlos

Published 3 January 2021

VP candidate Carlos Rabascall was joined by hundreds despite absence of presidential candidate Andres Arauz who has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Ecuador's leftist Centro Democrático has launched its presidential campaign at an event in Quito on Saturday, with an official presentation of candidate Andres Arauz expected in the coming days.


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The official event scheduled for Saturday was dialed back in response to recent medical reports on the tests performed on presidential candidate Arauz, who despite substantial improvements in health, may still have Covid-19, having been diagnosed in late December.

Nevertheless, Vice Presidential candidate Carlos Rabascall was accompanied by hundreds in a march through Quito’s historic center before addressing the crowd of supporters. Rabascall condemned the Lenin Moreno regime’s economic decisions and promised to return basic dignity to the country by investing in quality education, public health and access to formal work.

Arauz is running first in the polls for the February 7th election despite the sea of news propaganda who have used fearmongering and xenophobic rhetoric to rile up right-wing bases.

Despite this, the most recently CELAG poll showed Arauz in the lead with 36.5% of voter intention, followed by Álvaro Noboa in second place (22.9); while a new poll conducted by Atlas Intel has Arauz still in the lead with 37.7%, and banker Guillermo Lasso now in second place with 32%, the result of the elimination of Noboa from the ballot.

The Arauz-Rabascall ticket, which according to the campaign is ‘accompanied’ by leader of the Citizens’ Revolution and former President in exile, Rafael Correa, has received major endorsements from the continental left, including from Evo Morales, Alberto Fernandez, Cristina Kirchner, and leaders of the progressive Puebla Group.

Numerous attempts were made to disqualify the leftist ticket throughout 2020 and efforts to ban the candidacy of Correa were successful. However, the voter block represented by Arauz remains the largest political force in the country and many have linked Guillermo Lasso to the neoliberal Moreno regime which has seen stark approval ratings in response to the administration’s gross mismanagement of the economy among other failures.

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