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Cuba Sends Medical Brigade to Peru

  • Cuban doctors arrive at Jorge Chavez airport. Lima, Peru. May 17, 2020.

    Cuban doctors arrive at Jorge Chavez airport. Lima, Peru. May 17, 2020.

Published 18 May 2020

Among the Cuban briade are general doctors, psychiatrists, gynecologists, and other medical specialists. 

Cuba’s ambassador in Peru, Sergio Gonzalez,  announced on May 17 the arrival of a Cuban medical brigade to assist the South American nation facing Covid-19.


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Vicente Zeballos, Peruvian Primer Minister, said his government presented its formal request to the Cuban government about 3 weeks ago and the island health authorities agreed, with only the arrangement to be signed. "We hope that in the next few days they can be in Peru," Zeballos expressed. 

As the governmental body expressed, the Cuban medical group consists of 85 doctors, medical equipment, sanitary supplies, and food aid. Among them are general doctors, psychiatrists, gynecologists, and other specialists. 

“We will suggest that their work has a particular focus on the most affected regions,” Peruvian Prime Minister said. Amazon region of Loreto, as Lambayeque, and Piura hospitals faced a  virus contagious and deaths increase.

" The former head of Peru's Ministry of Health, Alvaro Vidal Rivadeneyra, told Prensa Latina that 85 Cuban doctors will soon be arriving to help fight COVID-19, and said it would be a necessary support"

Congresswoman Rosario Paredes, from the southern region of Arequipa, said the government of that territory is also interested in acquiring Interferon, the Cuban drug used in the treatment of Coronavirus.

Peru's Council of Ministers emitted a press communication announcing both nations' Health Ministries agreement. The high-level Multisectorial Commission against Coronavirus promoted the convenience, that will be valid for three months and could be renewed if needed.

Previously, Cuba offered health assistance to Peru. Cuban health professionals arrived in the region of Ancash, devastated by the great earthquake of May 31, 1970. Also in 1991, a group of Cuban specialists arrived in Peru to collaborate in the campaign against the cholera epidemic.

So far, Peru registered 92,273 positive cases, 2,648 deaths, and 28,621 recoveries.

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